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About Us

About Us

About Our Company

KURDPLAST is a non-resident Tunisian LLC created in 2021. It is a subsidiary of KURD GROUP, based in Egypt, specializing in the manufacturing of a wide range of plastic packaging using various raw materials such as PET, PP, PS.

Our products are diverse, and we manufacture items in various sectors such as catering.

Our products will be marketed in TUNISIA.

Our expertise and technical capabilities allow us to produce all types of items, regardless of their complexity, thanks to powerful machines from renowned international brands and our qualified skills in the field.

Since that time, we consider ourselves leaders in this field, making us the first factory in this industry.

Quality is our main objective to satisfy customers.

The factory is equipped with the latest plastic production machines, where our products are top-notch and manufactured according to international environmental protection standards.

We cater to the domestic market.

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